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Full text of "The growth of love"

University of California Berkeley 







One hundred Copies printed. This it No. 


tjat in plap can fco tjie tiling fljep tooulfc 
pairing anintfinct tjjronefc in reafons place/ 
efoerp perfect action $at]j te grace 
jEDf indolence or tJougJtleC^ 5ajbi|mb- 

are tjje 6ett : pet 6e t^ere too^femen gmb 
lofe in ea^neftnef^ control of face 
jecfeon mean0 anb rapt in effort iafe 
to tljeir enbjs 6p fteps toeH 

Spe to$om t|ou fatoft of late ftribe toitj t|e pain0 
2Df oneto^o fpenbjss ty$ ff^engtj to rule liijj nerbe- 
Cben ajj a painter fyeatjjlefllp tD|io ttrain^ 
^i^ fcarcelp moiing Janb left it IJoulb ftoerbe 

me note f j from tje care t$at 
matter of t|ie art 3 c|iofe to ferbe* 

Jfor tjjou art mine* #nfc noto 31 aw afyamefc 
Ijabe itfcD means to toin fo pure atqmft 
of mp trembling fear tat migt Jabe miffeb 

care tje golii at to^ic^ 31 aimefc : 
am as $appp but to ^ear t|i*e nameb/ 
are tjofe gentle fouls bp angels feiffeb 
3|n pictures feen leading tjeir marble cift 
2To go before tlje throne of grace unblamebt 

jor fujer am 31 taater jjatlj t^e (feill 
Co q[uenc$ mp tjirft or tjat mp ffjengtj is freeb 
3|n meafure/ grace f motion as 31 MH 
t Jat to be mpfelf is all 31 ^ 

to be mott mine : fo 3 ftanb fttll 
fabe to taffe mp |op no mo^e tafee 

2Tlje tofiole toorlfc noto is 6ut tje minifter 
SDf tyte to nte : 5 fo no otljer ftfieme 
H3ut unifcerfal lobe f jom timelefss bream 
mUffafeing to t|ifc |i?5 jopjs interpreter* 
31 toalfe arounJj anti in t!je fiel&0 confer 
2Df lobe at large foitjj tra^ f flotoer f ff jeam 
lift t$e larfe befcant upon ntp tljeme 

fmile outfacet$ in : anfc t$at olb feub 
JTtoijct things an& me ij5 quafl^eb in onr neto tjnce : 
j^atnre nom bearlp toitj ty& en&ueb 
more in tyame ponbers $er olb eycufe 
H5ut quite forgets Jer ftotans ant) antics rube 
>o feinblp at|) $e groton to Jer neto itfo 

A X 


Kty betp names of things toe lobe ate bear 
founbg toill gatjiet ieautp f?om tljeit fenfe/ 
man? a face tjijougjj lobeg long tefibence 
Q5rotoet$ to fait inffeab of plain anb fete : 
tojen 3 fap tj? name it $atjj ito p^et 
31 fuppofe fortune betejmineb thence 

beautp0 ejccellence 
$abe a petfect title fot tje eat : 

Jf ot 31 wtuft t^infe tje abopting ^Pufe0 c|ofe 
C^eit fon0 6p name/ fenotoing none tooitlb 6e 
SDt tojit fo oft in all te tootlb a0 tjofe : 
SDan C^aitcet/ mig^tp g) Jafeefpeaje/ t^eit fot t^itb 
2TJe tlaflic spilton/ anb to 1135 atofe 
>ljellep toit$ liqwib mufic in 

2Tl)e poets toere gm& teachers for tljep taught 
(Eartlj Ijafc t$is jop/6ut t$at ttooulb eber ie 
Cjat fortune fyoutti 6e pejfectefc in me 
^Pp Jeart of Jope &ajeiJ not engage te tjowg^t 
31 ffcaft loto/ an& note 6ut to ie caught 
anp felf^ttpleb ior&s of t$e age toitj tjrc 

mp nto&effp/ left tljep $oulb fe 
3 $ol& tjem otote 4 peacocfes/ things of nought 

tojen toe fit alone/ ani> as 3 pieafe 
3 tafte Qp lobes fun fmile anb tan enftate 
Ue pleafure of mp feinglp Jeajt at eafe : 
^Pp t$oug|t ftoims lifee a $ip/ tat toitji t^e toeigjt 
flDf |ier ric$ iwr&en fla^ps on tjje infinite feas 
HBecalmeb/ anb cannot ftir $er gotten 

URWjjile pet toe toait for fpring aitfc from tlje bjp 
#n& Slackening eaft tfiat fo embitters Spajcj)/ 
UHWell Joufeb muff toatetj g?e? fielbjf f meafcotug 
briben buff anil toitjerittg fnotoflafee ftp : 

in glimpfes of t$e tajnityefc ffep 
fun is toajm anJj tecfeons to tje larcji/ 
tD$ere t$e cobert Jajels intera^cj 
JDJeir taffelleb ttoigs/ fair 6ebg of pjimrofe lie* 

HBetteatlj tje cjifp an& tointrp carpet ifc 
a million iut>0 fcut ffap tjeir tloffoming 
jani tritftfitl iijbis Jabe fiuilt t$eir nefite amib 
2DJe 15uJ)J>erittg 6owg|0/ an& onlp tuait to fing 
JTill one foft fl^otoer ftom tlje fout$ $all 6ib 
Ijitljer tempt t$e pilgjim ffeps of fprittg. 

t) my fpring of life $at$ 6i6 t$e tope 
Si rofe unfolfc fceponfc t$e fummerg 6eft/ 
2T$e mptterp of fop matie manifeft 

lobes felf*anftoe$ing ani> atoaliening fmile : 

tje lips in filence reconcile 
JDefire toit$ peace/ anfc plea&ing in atreft 
SDf paffion/ $eto tje ieautp left tmgneffefc 
2Df CBtOTe to alJojn at latt t$e JDufcan ffple : 

UKKljett ffjft tje toon&et conquering faitj $aii feenneJ) 
Jf ancp pourtrapefc/ aioie t$e ftrengtji of oat$ 
KebealeJ) of (Bob or lij$t of poem penned/ 
Ue countenance of ancient*plij$tefc tjotj 
jCtaijct eaben an& eart|i/ t$at in one moment fclenfc 
Kty liope of one anfc Jappineft of 

Jfor beautp being t$e beff of aft toe fenoto 
gmrns up tlje unfearcljable an& fecret aims 
fl)f nature/ an& on fops tojjofe Jieatoenlp names 
TIRHere netoer tolb tan fojm anfc fenfe beftoto* 
man tjatlj fpct) $10 inftinct to outgo 

in f otinb an& ffjape/ anb bailp frames 
for Jimfelf to countertoail $is fijames/ 
HBuilbing a totoer abotoe tfje $eab of tuoe. 

netoer teas t^e?e toorfe for beaut? fount) 
Jfaijer t$an tjis/ tjat $e ^oulJj matte to ceafe 
&Ije Barring tooes tjiat in tl>e toorlb abound 
jjiap toitjj $is forroto map Jis fmiles encreafe 
3|f fjom mans greater met* beautp rebounb 
claim iji tears for pontage of $is peace. 

to t$p beautp aot mp font) Ijeajf toft 
late bifmapeb Ijer faitjjlefg fait$ forfcoje 
toing again |jer lobe loft in t$e loje 
fl)f ft$ajl35 f fcjipt of manp a learnt ficofe : 
Jf ot tjou tojat rut|ileft fceat untimely tcofe 
>|ialt noto in better fyoter<&& rettore 

fabe mp 6atte?eb $ip t$at fat from tyore 
on tlje bifmal brep in tempeff tytolu 

>o in befpite of forroto latrlp leajneb 
3 Hill &dfo tjwe to trut$ fince tjiou art trite/ 
jjior toail te iuoe tujic| t^ou to jop $aff turneb 
tome tije Jeabenl? fun anb fiatjutg blue 
mp lifeu na^b moje fplenbib anb wnearneb 
outmatc|ieb befire anb bue* 

UKKinter toag not unfeinb tecaufe uncoutlj/ 
pjifonefc time mate me a rlofer gueft 
gabe f|ip gjacioufnefs a toajmer ?eft 

HSiting all elfe toit^ feam J ang^p tcot|i : 
iraielier t|>e t}iump|iant ftltab of 

j(efe its liappp ^ome poffeff 
ftejner fport 6p bap put ifyengtlj to teft 
cuffoms feaft at nigjt gabe tongue to trutji* 

Dr fap liatj flaunting fummer a foetrice 
2To mate!) our miimig^t rebelrp tjat rang 
tffiWitli tt&l f flame along tje fnoto^girt ice $ 
2Dr tu^ien tue JajfeeiJ to nightingales tjat fang 
2)n &etop ebes in fpring/ J)i& t^ep entice 
JCo gentler lobe t|ian tointers icp fang? 

manp a fooulfc*6e poet at tjiig our 
of a lobe anfc tjut Ije neber tome& 
oer fiig lamplit be(6 in folitittie 

t^at $e fittetj in tje flpiifeiJ ftotoer. 
tDjile fticj t^etolefjJ liine t^e fat foeboitr 
eber g^ota t Je leaner for tljeir 
Imft advance upon an art 
clerfe0 tjat laclt t^e pulfe f fmile of potoer, 

none of all our company/ 31 Boaff/ 
note tooulfc mocfe mp tujiting coulb tjep fa^ 
Jjoton te rig^t it mapji a jaggefc toaft : 

manlier pjaife to 6e 
anb toill an& ttje Jeart feeft to Jen moft 
fofter/ Cimple/ true an& fattcp*ft*. 

B X 

coulb 3 quarrel oj ilame pou moff bear 
all tljp birtueg gabeft anb feept iacfc none : 

ani> gentlenefs/ trutj tait^out p#r 
fteautp t|at mp fane? fe& upon ? 

not tnp lifejj contrition for mp fault 
Can Slot tjat imp nor toojfe me recompence/ 

ig^t tDort^ilp t|ip toojtlj ejcalt 
tj^ long amenfcg foj IJort offence* 

Jf or fujelp noto^ere/ lobe/ if not in tyte 
J3re grace an& trutlj anb fieautp to 6e fount* : 
#nfc all mp praife of tjefe can onlp 6e 
Si pjaife of t^ar/ Ijofoeer ip tjie bifotDneii : 

tKKljile ftill tjou muft 6e mine tjougj faj remobeb/ 
Hub for one offence no more fcelobeb* 

finte to me alt&oug 6p tj# refufefc 
STlje foorlfc is left/ 3 fyaH ffnfc pleafnje ffitt : 
art 3 Jabe eber loieb fwt little wfei 
pieto a toorlb of fancies at mp toifl* 
tjougj to^ereer tljou goeft it is fjom me/ 

go tjjfc in mp Jeajt mutt tear : 
tojat t$ou toejt t$at toilt tjou ebet 6e/ 
^Pp cjoice/ mp 6eff/ mp lobeb anJj onlp fair* 

Jfarefoett/ pet t^inli not fucj fajetoett a change 
Jfrom tenJjernefs/ tjioitglj once to ma^t or pajt 
15ut on $ort aifence fo coulb fenfe berange 
tears Jabe gjacei) t$e grating of mp Jeart: 

toere pjoub brops anb $a& mp leabe to fall : 
on tjp pit? for mp pain to call 


fometimes in an ancient Ijoufe tuyere Hate 
jftom noble anteffrp is $an&e& on/ 
fo 6ut befolation tljrougli te gate 
ricljdf tieirlmmis alt to ruin gone : 
HBecaufe ntapfce fome fancied Qiame oj feat 
of Wfeafe or melanc|iolp fate 
briben t$e otoner f jom $i0 rightful Cpjete 
JTo toanber namelefjJ fabe to pitp or Jate. 

is t$e tojecfe of all Ije JatJ in fief 
tflZMIien Je tjat $atj is toretfeing? nought is fine 
^Illnto tlje ficfe/nor &ot$ it 6u}lJen grief 
Jtljat t$e Joufe perilj to|en te foul tjotj pine* 
JD^us 3 mp Hate iefpife/ flain 6p a Ring 
ttiglit ttooulfc not Jabe $urt a meaner tiling* 

6uil&$ a ff;ip mutt ffrft lap fcoton tlje luel 
g>f Jealtli/ thereto tje rite of mirtj are toefc : 
ftnit tDit$ fceamg an& fena^^ of ffrengtj/ a 
JF or becltis of puritp/ $er fltur anb ceil 
vKpott 5er matt0/ abbenture/ pjifce anb ?eal/ 
fortunes toin& t^e fail^ of purpofe fpjeafc : 
at tje proto mafee ffgujeft maibenjeati 
tlje feais anti anttoer to 

let Jim &ffp in memorpjj $olt> $abe ftojefc 
TKKater of ^elicon : anfc let Jim fit 
2D|ie nartrte tjat botj tjue taitj jjeabett accord : 
2DJen 6iJ) Jer creto/ lote/ Wligence anb toit 
TWKitJ fiiftice/ cowjage/ temperance come aboarb/ 
at Jer Jelm tje matter reafon fit 

foorlb is unto (Bob a toojfc of art 
SDf foljiclj t$e unaccomplifyeb Ijeabenlp plan 
3libes in Ijis mafterpiece anb gjotD0 tDit$ man 

perfection anfc fitcceft in part* 
ultimate creation ffapeU to ffajt 
Jfrom t$e laft creature for fejom all 6egan : 
in to^at !je i$ anb tu^at $e can 
/ubgement anb ftefire at iieart 

fcnotolebge Jjenieb Jjim/ anb $i$ little ffeill 
Cumtereb 6p latojei Je neber can annul/ 
JBafffefc 6p qualities aitoerfe anb ill/ 

facile lianas/ feto pears anb fenfes bull/ 
ajt is natures nature/ anb lobe ftill 
aftobe toitj tje moff ieautiful 


>ap tojo ie tjjefe ligjjt*fcearfce& fiurfwjnt faces 
3n negligent anfc trabeklf aine& arrap 
jBTJat in tje titp of JDante tome to^ap 
^aug^tilp bifiting !ier $olp places $ 
flD t$efe 6e nofcie men ty&t Jibe tjieit grates/ 
2Djue (Englanbs 6tob/ Jet antient glorpg ttap/ 
JBp tales of fame fciberteb on tjeir foap 
^ome ftom tje rule of oriental rates* 

3life*trifling lions tjefe/ of gentle epes 

motion fcelitate/ fiwt Jtoift to fire 
JF oj Jonour/ paffionate iujere Iwtp lies/ 
poff lobeb an& loiring : anb tjep quitfelp tire 
flDf Jflorente/ tjat $e one moje &ap Denies 
emirate of toife anb f on/ of filler oj fire. 

TMDMjere >an $piniatos tontoent f jom tje fun 
j3t forenom oberlmks tje tit? of flotoers 
31 fat/ anb gating on Jet tomes anfc totoers 
up jjer famous tjilb^en one tp one : 
tjra^ tojio all t$e reff |iat> far outfcone/ 
(Biotto firtt/ toljo Hole tje morning 
3 fato/ anb gob4ifee HSuonarrotis potoers/ 

JPante/ graieft poet/ Jer mucj tojongeb fon 

31s all tjis glorp/ 31 faib/ anotjers praife? 
&tt tjefe Jeroic tjiumpjs things of 
nb bo 31 teab upon tje liiring ga?e? 
2Dj ratjer botj tje minb tjat can 
Qe tDonbrous beautp of tje toorfes anb 
Create tje image tljat $er tjougjts enfolb* 

Kejoice pe fceafc/toljeteet pout fpititg tfoeH/ 
ftejoite tljat pet on eajt pout fame ig fctigljt 
tfjat pout names tememfoetefc bap I nig 
ott t^e iip0 of t^ofe t$at lobe pou toelt 
Kejoice pe litring/ pe tjat uotu ejccel 
janb guatb itt nameleft Jomeg t^e facteti lig^t 
ttejoice/ tjougj ptofpetou^ follp in e} fpite 
all t^em tj>at fjom $et tule tebeL 

JF ot t|ie tootles ejcile latj a ticket 
a kings faboutite : lie tyall attibe 
tje lifee tjiumpj an& tetum 
Jim to|io neet tebifiteJj alibe 
^i$ $ome 6ut fang/ )3Dou6t not 31 
jf oj all t$e ^inbtance tjep toit^in conttibe 

c ^ 

praifetjj j> 3f tlje poet fjabe not fenotat 
tuojft is beautiful/ none can perfuabe : 
jor botjj our time tjiat fo torong^ lan&el 
Contribe ^i${ condemnation iwt itis otum 
ID|ie comment torit on >|iafeefpeare Jat$ not tyeton 
K$t perfect judgement tjat alibe lie laib 
2Dn 5ij8 oton toorK/tD|iic|i tafeetj fince ttoa^ mafce 
05race noj bifgrace fabe tut of lobe alone* 

lobe in lobing nothing t^at i# bile 
not tje error of te mini/ noj fears 
2To fet |ii0 feal in fecret toitj a fmile : 
J5ut 3D coulb one a$ ^urcell toin tje tears 
SDf lobe/ fuc$ praife toere more tan to fieguile 
leantft fancies of a Qoufanb gears* 


toorlb tlitt petfj about to ffjeto anb 
3U5eforfeb of aft opinion/ fonb of fame : 
i5ut Ije tljat can bo foell tafcetjj no pribe 

eetj Ji0 error/ imbifturfceb 6p $ame : 
g)o pmrj5 tje 6eft our longeff baps can bo/ 

moft Co little/ biligentlj? bone/ 
g>o migijtp 10 t^e ieautp tjjat bot$ torn/ 
baft tlje jop t$at lobe f jom lobe tjat!) toon, 

lobe to toin is eafp/ for ^e lobetj 
fair attitube/ nor ffrictlp toeig$s 
fcrofcen t^ing/ 6ut all alifee app$obet|i 

lobe Jat$ aimeb at ^im : t$at i$ fieabeng 

praife : 

if toe toft foj anp praife on eartlj 
in man$ lobe : all elfe is nothing toortft. 

fleffj and blcaty comrade to tragic pain 

clotonify merriment : toljofe fenfe could toafee 
>ermon$ in ffoneg/ and count beat!) 6ut an acjie/ 
9i\i things a0 banitp/pet nothing bain : 
IDJe tuorld fet in t$p |eart tjp paffionate ftrain 
Kebealed aneto : but tljou foj man didff tnaUe 
Mature ttoice natural/ onlp to fyafee 
^ej feingdom taitj tje creatures of t$p train* 

Jafeefyeare/ fince tjp time nature te lot$ 
2Do pield to art Ijer fair fup^emacp : 
3n conquering one tjou ijaft fo enric^d 6otJ 
iJKKJat tyall 3 fap ? foj Q5od-to|iofe toife deem 
Confirmed all f e did fc? att ^e dotj- 
gDoubled pu toftole creation making tljff* 

3{ tuoitlD be a birfe/ anb ftraigljt on ioings 31 &rife 
J3nb carrp purpofe up to tje enbg of tje air : J 
31n calm f fform mj faife 3 feather anfe ta$ere 
JBp fr^e?ing cliffy tlje unranfomeii torecfeage Ue0 : 
ftnitting on Jot metiWan &anfc$ furptife 
filence : ober plains in t$e mtonlig^t tare 
3 cljafe mp fl^aboto an& percj to$ere no iirb bare 
3n tr^tops torn 6p fierceft toin&g of tje 

^e prettp pictures of fceligjt/ wnttirreb 
H5p t$e onlp |op of fenotDing tjat pe ftp : 
^eare not foljat peare/iitt rather/ fumme& in a 
Qe alphabet of a gobs ftea/ anb 3 
matter it/ 3 am t$e onlp 

3D toearp pilgrim^ counting of pour tuoe 
ICjjat turn pour epeg to afl tjje peafeg tfjat tyine/ 
failing in eatlj tlje citafcel bibine 
Qe toic|i pe t$oug|it to pie entered long ago : 
Wntil at length pour facile ttepg anfc floto 
Jfalter upon t$e tjretyoifc of tje $}ine/ 
pour $eart0 oberbu^eneb ijoubt in fine 
it be 3erufalem o; no : 

9>i$earteneb pilg}imi$/3| am one of pou/ 
Jfor $abing foorQippefc manp a barren fate 
31 ftajte uotD gra^t Qe goal 3 f ournepeb to : 
31 ffanfe a pagan in t$e Jeabenlp place/ 
H5eneat$ t$e lamp of trutj 3 am founfc untrue 
queffton toitfj t|e glorp 3 

tjatlj ej oton fcrigljt baps of calm f peace : 
^er melting air/ at eierp ijeatj) toe brato/ 
jf tobs fieart toitfi lobe to praife (Bobs gracious lato : 
fubbenlp fo fl^ort is pleafures leafe- 
colb returns/ tjje bubs from gjotoing ceafe 
natures conquereb face is full of atoe ; 
,3s note tje traitrous nojtji toitj icp flato 
beta upon tjje ficft lamis 

neatj tje mocfe fun fearcljing eberpto^ere 
Battles t$e c^ifp^b leabes toitj ^ibering bin : 
tjat tj^e birbs are filent toitj befpair 

t$e tjicfeets/ no? tjeir armour tjin 
gaub? flies abbenture in t$e air 
an? lijarb fun $is fpotteb Cfeim 

$ot|iing is jop foitjjout tytt : 3 can ffnfc 
$o rapture in tlje firtt relays of fpring/ 
3|n fongs of fcirbs/ in poung 6ub0 opening/ 
j^otljing inspiriting anb nothing feinfc : 
Jf oj lacfe of ty& to|io once toejt t^ronei) ie^inb 
ail ieautp/ lifee a ftrengtj tD$ere graces cling : 
jtlje jetael f lieart of ligljt tD^icJ eberptjing 
in ritmlrp to 

fince tljou rt fleb anb 3 in eac$ fair fig^t 
Ctoret occasion of mp /op fceplore/ 

& tjfl^ Sett oj to^om intoite 
facrei temples an& a&ore? 
tKttfjo fljall fill t|ioug|it $ trut$ toit^ olij feelig^t 
leaJj mp foul in life as heretofore? 

luorfc 10 bone anfo fyom tfje fingers fait 
&f)e btotrtMrm tmU tat brougtjt tje labour tfj jougfj : 
JClje taffcing epe tpt obertunnetii all 
fteflte/ anb affirms t^eje ijef no more to fco* 

^otD t|ie t^irb fop of mafeing/ tlje ftoart ftotaer 
SDf ileffeb toorfe ilojmetj in goblifee fpirit : 
1KlB|iicJ tDjofo pluclietj Jol&etJ for an ijour 
2D$e fl^ribelling ianitp of mortal merit 

fljou/ mp perfect toorfe/ tjoit rt of 

a ymt anfr alien t^ing tuilt be/ 
JTrue onlp $oul& t$e ffeift life ftanb at ffap : 
IDJerefore fajetoett noj fofc to bi&e tait$ me* 
CBo finb tjp frienii^ if tljere be one to lobe 
Caffing tja^ fo )tj/ mp cjilb/ 31 nfe abobe 

feafnafce/ olfc &eiriat|jan/ 
rife tojiat gjiflp ieaft of fcalp c$ine 

cjampefc tlje oceantoracfe/ an& ftoa$et> t$e 6?ine 
JlBefore tje neto anb miifcer iiapis of man/ 
iteber tit noj trap no} ftoinbghtg fan 
|i0 iron fiuimmer of t$e Cipbe oj 2Tpne/ 
3Late 6orn of golben fob to 6r*e& a line 
SDf offfpring ftoifter anb more Juge of plam 

g)traig$t is Je$ going/ fot upon t|ie fun 

once $e $at$ Imfeefc/ iier pat$ f place are plain : 
tirelefs fpfcfc fl^e fmitetj one 6p one 
$u&&ering feas anti foams along tjje main : 
Jer eafeb ireat$ tojen jjej toilti race is run 
Koars t$roug$ $er nottrils li&e a hurricane, 

tljouftmti times Jatlj In mp jjeartg beljmf 

tongue iam fet $10 paiRon to impart : 
t$oufan& times IjatJ mp tto totoarb Jeart 
<V ntoutj reclofeb anil ffjceb it to te rmf : 
ID^en toit$ fucj cunning Jat J it Jeifc almf/ 
ja tjoufanb tinier Sept fiiente toitj fucj art 

couto bo no more : pet on tj>p part 
filence giben a tijoufanfc times reprmt 

6e toiler/ facing 3 comment 
t$at tnp bilatorp purpofe primes/ 
IBut fear left toit mp fears mp $ope ftoulb 
^ap 3 toouib trutj benp anij 6urn mp rjpmes/ 
Keneto mp forrotos rather tjan offend/ 
Si tjoufanb times an& pet a tjoufanfc times. 

3 trabel to tyte foit tlje funs ffrft raps 
SD&at lift t$e fcarfe toeft anfc unfojap t&e nig|it : 
31 biuelt faefiDe t|i(e to$en tie toalfes ttie ^eig^t 
anb fcmMp toto^rb t^ at Jis fetting ga?e. 
3 toait upon t$p coming/ 6ut altoapi5- 
JSPancing to m^t mp Qougjts if t jjep inbite- 

outrun tljeir longing iDit$ bettg|it 
in nip folitube doff mocfe mp praife. 

3 toett migjt fap ttoere tetter not to Jabe 
EJan fucj 31 am to be foj fucj as tjjou : 

coulbtt t$ou lobe me mo^e mp Jeart 31 ^ tuean 
bin a claim Qat none coulb bifaUotu : 
15ut fince t$at cannot 6e/ 3) lobe/ 31 lean 
vlUpon tjip ffrengtf) anti neer iuais ttjong till note, 


$ty la&p pleafes me anfc a pleafe Jet/ 
JCJiS fenoto tue iotj an!) 31 beftfces fenoto tuell 
iKKjetefoje 3 lobe Jet an& 31 tote to tell 
gpp loie a0 all tnp losing fong0 aier 
35ut tujat on Jet part coitlti tje paKion (tit 
ti^ mote bifficwlt foj ioie to fpell 
tan 3 &ate iiiiine Joto t$i0 iefel 
toitt Jet lips tienp it if 3 ett* 

S>Je loies me flEtft tecaufe 3 lobe Jet/ tjett 

me fo$ imotoing tojp $e $owto ie lobeti/ 
tjat 3 lobe to ptaife Jet/ lobes again* 
from Jet beautp ftotj ouj lobes ate mobeb 
6p Jet ieautp ate fuffainefc/ not tojen 
ffje eattj falls ftom tje fun is tjis 

3|n all things beautiful 3! cannot to 
fit oj ffanb/ but lobe is ffirreb aneto : 
jop to foatclj tlje folbs fait as ti^ep do/ 
all t|iat corner i$ paff ejcpectancp. 
5f 150 6e filent/ filente let it ie : 
^e tuljo tooiilJj bib $et fpeafe mig^t fit antj fue 
ID$e &ffp*brotoe& ^ibian 3ot>e to be untrue 
Co $is ttoo ttioufanb pear^ foiemnit?. 

but $et launcljcb pafllon tD^en $e fingjs 

on t$e Bearing lifee a Qapen pjoto 
ffiorne bp tlje matterp of its urgent foing$ : 
SDj if $e beign Jer toifbom/ fl^e botfr fyoto 
S> Je |atj t$e inteUigence of Ijeabenlp tjing0 
QBnCullieb bp wans mortal obert^rofo 

to fce ^umfcleb : tis tljat tanging pribe 
|io refuge atlj : tljat in i$ cattle ttrong 
15rabe reafoit fits beleaguered tuljo fo long 
jfeept fielJj iut note mutt ffatbe toje^e Je iiotj Jjifoe : 
JDJat in&uttrp tojo once tlje foe tieffeb 
3Lie0 flaugljterefc in tje trencje^ : tljat t$e throng 
2Df i&Ie fancies pipe tljeis fcali$ Cong 

late t$e puiffant captains fought anb 

to 6e Jumtleb : tis to 6e unbone/ 
^ forett felleb/ a citp ra?eb to ground/ 
& cloaft unfelun/ untooben anb unfptut 
JTill not a tjjeab remains tjat can 6e toounb* 
Slrib pet/ 2D lober/ 15^ te ruineb one 

liumbleb t$us liaQ alfo crotuneb 

31 tare not if 31 lite/ toug|i life anfc 
l]?abe neber iam to me fo bear anfc 
3 care not if 31 &ie/ foj 31 toulft mart- 
iSeing fo ^appp Jappilp mp 
31 care not if 31 lobe : to 
>Ije lobet^/ an& lobejj Jifforp i$ complete* 
|ior care 31 if ty* lobe me : at |jer fa^t 
$$V fpirit boto entranced anil 

31 $abe no care foj toliat toag moff mp care 
iBut all arouni) me fo fre$ fceaittp 6orn 
^n& common fig^ti5 groton lobelier tjan t^ep toere : 
31 &}eam of lobe/ anfc in tje ligjt of morn 
itrem&le ie^ol&ing all tjing0 berp fair 
anH ftrong toitli ffjettSt!) tjat puts mp ftjengt^ to fcorn. 

mp gobbet bibine/ fometime* 3 fap : 
let tljig toorb f oj eber anb all fuffice : 
art infatiafcle/ anb pet not ttoice 
Can ebeit t!ip loiet gibe l)te foul atoap : 
an* foj mp art*/ t^at at tftp tot 3 lap/ 
Jp ot neber anp otjer ftp bebite 
2Df tDifiiom lobe oj teautp coulb entice 
gpp pontage to t|ie meafure of tlji0 bap. 

3 liabe no more to gibe tytt : lo/ 3 $abe folb 
flpp life/ abe emptieb out ntp fjeart anb fpent 
maiiateer 3 Jab : till lifee a beggar/ fcolb 
TIKKitJ nougp to lofe/ 3 teffJ ^^ aw content 
Si ieggar feiffe^ t$a^/ nap lobe/ fce&olb/ 
3 fear not : tljou tm art in fceggarment 


Sill eartljlp ieautp at$ one caufe anb prc&f/ 
Jto leab tje pilgrim foul to ieautp afcobe : 
fpet lietlj tje greater ilifg fo far almf 

feto t^ere 6e are tueanefo fjom eart^lp lobe. 

la&J)er it ijs/ reaching f?om $ome to 
6eff of all t^e toorfe tat all toa^ 

ttoau torit t$e angels ape 
SDotun fpeb/ and at tlje top tje 3lorD Goto (tcoD. 

15ut 31 wp timt aiiife/ mp epejei 
Centered on t J/ 6p nigjjt mp Jeart on ffre- 
Hetting mp numiereb momenta run atoap 
|io? een ttoijct nig$t an& bap to Jeaben afpire. 

S>o true it is t$at to$at t$e epe fetj not 
li5ut floto i$ lobeb anb lobeb is fmn forgot 

fa* $abe toe failed out to fea/ 
ijabe probed our iarfc and Ijear tje roar 
SDf tempeff obernig|j tfiat more an!) more 
Kages and lig^tenis on tje fo|)itene& lea* 
nafeefc maff^ t$e tafl $ipj5 
frig^teb p$antom0 f?om tjje 
not a boat contrite?* toitj fail oj oar 
Co Hem Qe foundering tuabe^ : $oto tfien ff;aH toe ? 

time it i0 to mafee foj port anb Jaffe 
3|n fafetp toit t$e jop our perils earn : 
H5ut let ug toofo tjat firft tje IJrine fce graceb 
2Df $im to|o mobe$ and brato^ all foul0 tjjat pearn/ 
THDHitlj fair memorials of bebotion placed 
Jfor benturous bopage and foj fafe return, 

fie ilifg tjjat fcam loft eating in Ijaffe 
$e loft not a/ for tojiat $e Jab &e Jafc : 
3ni> ftiH is fong are born a$ pure an& glab 
$1$ jje to^en toff 6p (Bob in (Efcen placed, 
IBut to$at lie ttafe foj tjem-baring to tafte- 
toon outright/ toljetiier for gmb oj bat) : 
in $i$ fcotftep$ alt muft ifftte fab 
at of tfjeir garden/ ejtileb anD Difgraceb. 

therefore fenotoiebge ^at^ ttoo $anb0 : tuitt) one 
f&reffeb to $er prifoneb Jeart tljat mourns f peanns 
S>Je guarius $ej toftborn jop anb fyarejs toitj none : 
15nt toit$ ijer iufp rig^t fl^e motoeg anD turns 
tangible things/ oj ga?ing on tje fun 

abbenturous epe and etoer learns 

2D mp lifes mifcljief/ once mp lobeg fceligljt/ 
jBTjjat fcretoft a mortgage on mp Ijeartg eftate/ 
tflZKljofe baneful claufe is nebe* out of Ijate/ 
can abenging time rettore mp rigjjt : 
ffrft to iofe foun&eb tjat note of fpite 
mp boleful bapiei toere tuneb 6p fate : 
art t^e toeMobeb caufe of all mp liate/ 
fun iujjofe tuan&ertng rnaUe^ mp Jopelef^ nig^t : 

being in all mp lacking all 3 lack/ 
3t is tp gtttfcnefg turng mp grace to crime/ 
Jtljp flfftnefg f jom mp goal toljiclj $olb^ me 
'OHBljerefoje mp fa^t go out of ffep toitj time/ 
^p berp grafp of life i$ olfc anb flack 
eben mp paflion falters in mp rjpme. 

Sit times toit fiurrieb Jmfs anb feat tering buff 
3 race bp ffelb or Ijigjrtoap/ anb mp fiorte 
>pare not but urge birect in Jeablong courfe 
ZBnto fome fair faj $itt t$at gain 3 muff : 
H5ut near arribeb tje btfion fmn miffruff/ 
Kein in anb ffanb a$ one top f#$ tfje fource 
2Df ffrong iliufion/Qaming t^oug^t to force 
Jf jom off $i0 minb t|ie foil of paflion$ guff. 

broto 5 bare tjen anb foitlj flacfteneb 
Can bieto te country pieafant on alt fibeioi 

to feinb falutation gibe gtob $^b. 
ribe a$ one tolio foj Iji^ pleafure ribeis 
ffrofee t$e necfe of mp belig^teb ffieb 
tab lupt c^tri 4 t$e biHage inn 

Sin ible 3|une bap on tlje funnp Itljames/ 
floating or rotoing as on? fancp left/ 

Uffening to ftoflrt things t$e poung iirbs faib 
c|icofmg note a nofegap from te gemj? 
liar tlje emBroiberp of t$e tanli tfjat Jemj? 
current t$at our ffeiff f?om ^enlep fpeb 
2Do iu$ere tjie Cliefben tombs oer flpaibeirijeab 
HI3ar its ffiH fujface toit$ tjeir mirroreb Hems* 

31 tooulb $abe life t$ou faM-att as tjis 
Dimple enjopment calm in its ejcefs/ 
tlKBlit^ not a grief to cloub anb not a rap 
2Df paflion oierjot mp peace to opprefs : 

no ambition to repjoacfj beiap/ 
rapture to biffujft its $appinefs. 

it be Ijappinefs to Ijabe cnougfj 
fear no toant tojile moft are pturlp feb/ 
bring untireb limbs to an eafp bed 

anj? iuorlunan^ couc^ is colti anD vouglj : 
tolietjjer Jonour be of fuc$ butt ffuff 
lifees t$e peace for toic a trotter bleb/ 

birtue pet untrieb in comfort bjeb 
Can fenoto Ijer name anb M no felfcrebuff : 

SDr if to gielb tjemfelbes to toojfe anb footfe 
iKWere trulp folace for tlje Jearts t^at cjafe- 
S)ince tfjeir nobilitp tooulb cjmfe t$e curfe 
ISat^er to be t$an once beribe tlje toaif/ 
SDj jjear t$e laug$ 2D blame not mp pmr berfe 
it is fab luljile comfort (till is fafe. 

a man tljat tog &p chance !)i0 picture/ mabe 
$1$ once a cljilb $e foa$/$an&ling fome top/ 
tKDliff ga?e to futfc Jig fpirit tDit^in t^e top/ 
^et JatJ no fecret tuit$ t$e foul pourtjapeb : 
cannot tjinfe t|ie fimple tjoug^t tojicj plapeb 

tjjofe features t$en fo f sanfc anb cop : 
$i0/ pet o$/ not 5i0 : ani> oet t$e jop 
fat^erlp pitp fiends in tearg bifmapeb* 

of tji0 prime mapbe fje ttanft at bell 
ligjtlp toear $i0 tt^engtj or aim it Jig^/ 
matter note of all Je eer poffeft : 
in tjje pictured face a cjjarm JjotJ lie/ 
one tljing loft more toort$ t^an all tlje reft/ 
feing lie fears to fap fflite c|iil& teas J 

Cears of lobe/ tears of fop an& teats of care/ 
Comforting tears tfiat feil uncomforteb/ 
Shears oer te neto*6o$n/ tears fcefibe te beab/ 
of Jope/ pribe an& pitp/ ttiiff anb praper : 
of contrition/ ail tears to^atfoeer/ 
2Df tenbernefs oj feinbnefs $ab fye fl^eb 

Jere is picture^/ ere upon |er $eab 
fine goto mij$t 6e turned to tilber tjere* 

fmile fljat tjajmeb t|e father Jat$ giben place 
Wnto t^e furrotoeb care torougjt 6p t$e fon : 
25ut birtwe $at$ transformed ail change to grace, 
>o tat 3 pjaife t$e artilf fojjo $atj bone 
^ portrait for nip foojtyip of tje face 

? tje $eart mp fathers lieart Qat tuom 


3|f 31 taiilb 6ut forget anb not retail 
g>o toeH mp time of pleatuje anb of plap 
ancient nature teas ail neto anb gap 
as tje fa^ion tljat &ot$ laft enthrall : 
ntiglit? nature/ to$en mp Jeart teas fmall 
bjeameb tupt fearful fearc$tng0 uuberlap 
flotuer^ anb leaf? ecffafp of map/ 
CJe 6reat|iing fummer flotJ/Qe ftenteb fall. 

Coulfc 31 forget/ tjen taeje tje ffg^t not 
^reffeb in t|ie melee of accurftb things/ 
^abing fuc$ Jelp in lobe anb fuc$ retoarb : 
15ut t$at ti0 31 to$o once tig tijig tjat fting0- 
SDnce btoelt taitjin t^e gate tljat angels guarb/ 
31 & fa !)*& 31 tat Jeabenlp tDing0> 

fe tfiitttyort on tlje fljretyolfc fei?e 
pri?e of life f jom age anb lifeelijojb/ 
3 mourn times tljange tjat toitt not be 
IDJinfeing Joto CJritt faib HBe lifee one of t^efe: 
JF ot in t$e forett among man? tra^u 
>ca^ce one in all is fount* t^at Ijatl) made gcob 
JDje birgin pattern of its flenfcer tomb 
ffljat courtefieb in )'op to eberp b?^?e : 

15ut ftat$eD/6ut fcnottefc trunfes t$at raife on 
CJeir arms in ftiff contortion/ ffyainefc anb tare : 
TMWljofe crotons in patriarchal forroto fig). 
S>o little c^ilbren pe nap nap/ pe neer 
Jf jom me fyall learn $oto fure t|ie change anb nigj 
TOljen )>e Qall Qare our fireagtlj auD moujn to 

5 m parcljeti toit$ tjirft/ affrap on fultrp fanfcs 
JP&e trabefler faints/ upon fjis rioting ear 
g>teals a fantaftic mufic : lie mag ear 
STIje iaWiing fountain of $i0 native lanb. 
before %i$ epei5 tlje bifion fem0 to ftanti 

at it0 terraceb ftjinli tlje maibg appear 
fill tfjeir tirtp urng at it$ tDater$ clear 
not refute tje Jelp of iobew 

2D cruel jeft lie cries/ as fome one flings 
fflje fparfeling fcrops in fport oj $eto of ire- 
2) ^amelefs/ 2D contempt of olp things* 
HI3ut neber of t^eir toanton plap t$ej? tire 
not atjjirft tjjep fit befi&e tije fp^ings 

muft quenc^ in &eatl> Sis loft iefire. 


image of t j)p lobe/ rtfing on barb 
defperate baps abobe mp fallen fea 
URBafeens again f jefy $ope and peace in me/ 
learning abobe upon mp groaning bark. 
{ffiOtfjatm mp forroiu be 31 f lien map Jarfe 
3 lobing boice : iuljateer in j> terror be 
ITJis Jeabenlp comfort ffill 31 tote f?om t^ 
Co fl;ine mp lotieffar t^at tDe;t once mp marfe* 

fdrobigal nature mafce** n$ but to taffe 
ne perfect iop/tD^ic$ gtben fl;e niggard g^otDS 
Slnb left $er precious gift ffjoitlfc run to toaffe 

to its lofs a tjouf and letter tooes : 
to t^e memorp of t^e gift t$at graced 
^er ijand/ $er gjacelefs $and more grace beffotos* 

31 toill not marry tljff/ftimt Il?ope 3 gaib- 
JF or all tljp beautp noj ty$ promife ftoorn : 
Cljougl) tjiou tlje bapfpring pledge/ anb rofp morn 
jaireabp captibe in tjp train Ijaft left. 
|io cloui)e!J terror oer t|ie fun i^ fpjeafo/ 
j|5o nmn&ap barfeneft lifee of lobe ottttoorn : 
HL\yz cold ffar on $i$ fining orbit bojnc 
all %i$ ballepjss drp/ Jiisi berbure 

^ait t^ott anp potDer to t^juft afibe 
Jf ate^ cruel liani/ nor anp refuge fljeton 
TlMijere comfortlef0 mp toibotocb fljame coulD 
Jf or me in mp colb fepulc|ire 31 & gjoan 
Bearing men fap, g>a^ ^ope/ fo late Iobe0 bribe/ 
notu tyi bain Ambition l*a mabe Iji^ otun. 


3|n t\)i$ neglected/ riiineb edifice 
Df tDor&0 unperfecteb anil broken fcljemeg/ 
Wlfyttt is fyt promife of mp earl? Dreamy/ 
Cfje f mile of brautp anb tyt pearl of price f 
j^o c^arm ij$ left nolu ttjat could once entice 

Datiering fortune fjom Jer golben 
full in flight becrepit purpofe 
Xtrailing t^e banner of Jijs old bebice* 

t^e Ijoufc a frore anb numbing air 
c^illeb enbeabour : ficfelp memories reign 
etoerp rcom anb g^off^ are on tf)e Hair : 

ijope bejiinb tl;c buff j> tuinboto^pane 
TUCHattljcs tiie bapjoi go bp/ anb Ijalf atoare 
/-orecafts Ijtr laff reproach anb mortal ffain. 

Once 3 tooulb fap/ before tp bifion came/ 
$ty fo?/ mp ^ft/ m P lobe/ an & toitfc foinc feinb 
SDf fenotolebge fpeafc anb tjinfc 3 feneto mp minb 
)f Beaten ant* Ijope/ anb racti toorb ijit it<5 aim* 
TQOEl^ateer t^eir foutib0 be/ note all mean t^e fame/ 
Denoting eatlj tije fait 3 cannot Rub : 
j3Dr if 3 fap t Jem tig a$ one long blinb 

t^ep toere Je ufeb to name. 

jtioto if men fpeafe of lobe ti$ not mp lobe 
jpor are tljrir $ope0 nor jop0 mine/ no; t Je life 
CJep cljmfe for praife t^e life 3 recUon of: 
jptap tl^ougj tjjep turn f jom Joufe f c^ilb f toife 
J9nb felf/ anb in tfje t^oug^t of iieaben abobe 
*)olb/ a^ bo 3/ All mortal things; at ftrife* 


tjjen tig onl; pit; tofeing bacfe/ 
jf ear Imfeing fojtoar b/ anb te bufy minb 
in one tuoeful moment more uptoinfc 
lifelong pear# unroll of bitter oj Wacfe : 
man^ privilege/ Jig ^oajbhtg fenacfe 
2)f mentor; toitj fojebobing Co combine^/ 
corner to bream lie ijatj of 
perpetuity to^ic|> all t|iing0 lacfe ? 

but to jjopc ii5 boubtful jo;/ to Ijabe 
Being a continuance of foljat/ alaj5/ 
iffiHe mourn anb fcajcelp bear toit^ to t^e grabe : 
SDr fometliing fo unfenoton tliat it oerpafg 
ITiie tliougljt of comfort : anb tlje fenfe t|)at gabe 
Cannot confiber it t^ougl; an; 

Come gentle Harp/ 3 turn t$*e : come anb tafce 
foot notu tfje tljtlb into ttjine arms/ from frigljt 
Compofeb by fcjotufp tune anb tyabeb liglft/ 
tKKIjom ignorant of tyie t^ou Dibff nurfe anb mafee 
|ior note tje top toijo fco^neb t^a? for tje fafee 
SDf grotoing fenotDlebge oj mpfterioiig nig^t/ 

fatigue t$ou biblt $i$ limb^ inbite 
lieabilp toeig$ t$e epeis &e ffrobe to toafee : 

nor tlje man febere too f jom $135 beft 
Jf ailing/ alert fleb to tjrr/ tpt ty$ breatlj/ 
IBlmb/ force anb fire tyoulb come at mojn rebreff : 
115ut me/ from foljom t^p comfort tarriet^/ 
JrO} all mp toafeeful praper fent tuit&out reft 
Co t$(r/2D fl^eto anb (Jjaboto of mp 


et man lament tjis lot anb t$en lament 
fffjat |ie mutt fo lament and tljen complain 
all frts lamentations are in bain : 
tears betjap |}is trne affections bent. 
Jf or liefeft lobe firft falls to bifcontent : 
t|iep to$o belt fcnoto tyalfy toill rage at pain 
pine beponb t$eir fic&nefs to regain 
treafure treafn^eb moff toiien loft or f spent : 

being in t Jem a bolour/ none tlje lefs 
3|nfpire0 t$e cries of prime. TL^t trulp fab 
re bitmb : anb t^ep but ijonour ^appinefs 
UHH^o Janber after jops t^at once t^ep 
fttrfeiteb of ftoffts turn anb confefs 
pleafure is to be no longer glab. 


fje fpirits eager fenfe for fab o? 
JfUtet^ toitf) tuljat lie toill our toeffel full : 
!5e fop jji$ bent/ Jie toaitetfc not fops bap 
15itt UUe a cliiltj at anp top toilt pull : 
3|f forroto/ $e toill mourn foj fancp0 fafee 
oil ^eabeitjEi pientp toil!) forMbben care. 
fortune mod benie** toe ftabe to ta&e : 
can fate loab u^i more t^an toe can bear. 

&nb fince in liabing/ pleafure bifappearet^/ 
B)e to^o tjat|> leaff injianb $at^ moft at fjeart 
m$ilt lie feirp ^ope : a^ $e tu^o altoap fearetlj 
Si grief t^at neber comes $at|i ffill t|ie fmart : 

&nb tuorfe t^an true is fuel) unreal biff;ef$ 
Jror tojjen (Bob fenbet|> forroto/ it botji 

Eije toorlfc tomr0 not to an enb : Ijer eitp 
S>toarm toity tye tofeens of a tyangelefs trabe/ 

rolling totjori/ briber anb flagging jabe/ 
men anb beggar^/ tpb jen/ prieft^ anb 
j]5etu Ijomeis on oib are fet a0 Ube0 on libe^/ 
Jnbentton tuitij inbention oberiaib : 
But (till or tort or top or bmU or Mabe 

for t^e ^anb tjat Iiolb^i anb toils anb ffribe*$. 

men 3 mat toorfe as tljeir fathers tojongftt 
little iettereb means : for toorfes bepenb 
n tuorli^ anb oberlap/ anb tljougfjt on tljoug^t 
tjirougfi all change tlie f miles of Ijope amenb 
tDearieft face/ t^e fame lobe cjangeb in nongljt : 
3n tijis tying tm tye toorlb comes not to an enb. 


&ince in tlje lobe of Cljrift mp enterprife 
Ito bo tljff Jonour potoetfj bap tp bap/ 
nb toitjj tjje grototlj of lobe tlje toorb0 3 fap 
bailp tDojt^iet of t$& anb more toife : 
a ric$ 3^to 31 6<afc wtp merc^anbife 
faireff l^anb anb Joarb ntp gains; atoap/ 
Counting tje Jonr0 eje 31 $^H finite repap 
full account againft me 

H5ut not tije |op : alas 31 in mp grabe 

6e anb t^ou in Qine ere ti$ tefal: 
6ut a memorp mp berfe can fabe. 
SDf tjis mp toealtj tco if 31 gibe ty& att 
>orroto foj pleasure pap 3/anb 3 crabe 
Si loan of time tjjat flies fceponb recall* 


mp uncareb*for tongs tojat are pe toortjj/ 

in mp fecjet fimfe toit$ fo mucjj care 
3 torite pou/ tjig one Jere anb tjjat one tjere/ 
tje time anfc orter of pour 

a fancp fo unfeinb to mirtj/ 
fenfe fo Jarb/ a ftple fo toojtt anb iare/ 

pe for anp toelcome anptoj^ere 
Jfrom anp IJeif oj Jeart^ome on 

fe Jiouib ot$eri$ af ft pou tyi$l fap t^en 3 pearneb 
Co torite pott fuel) a$ once/ toljen 3 tua^ poung/ 
Jfinbing 3 ftoulb $abe iobefc anb thereto turneD. 
jCtoere fometijing pet to iibe again among 
Cije gentle pout$ btlobeb anb tulje^e 3 learneb 
art 6e tjere rememftereb foj mp fong. 

takes tlje cenfng of tfje litmtg beab/ 
<Fre te bap come toljen memorp (Jjall oercratob 
JCjje tungbom of tljeir fame/ anb fa j t^at ptoub 

airp people finb no rmm no* ffeab i 
(Ere Joarbing jCime/ t^at ebet tljritffetlj back 

faireff tteafurejj of Jiji ancient ffiore/ 
better toitii bed conf ounb/ fa !je map pack 
^10 gnebp sat^eringjj clofer/ mote anb mare? 

3let t$e true fljltafe retorite Jer fullieb page 
&nb purge tyi fforp of tlje men of tiate/ 

t^ep go birgelefist baton to >atan# rage 
all elfe foul beformeb anb mifcreate : 
gt>e $at|i full toil to fcffp t^e namc^ toe lobe 
^onoureb on eart$ a0 t^ep are bright abobe. 

H ^ 

31 Jjearb great Rector founbing tears alarms 
URMIiere tjougj) tyt liffiefs gooffs cubing e ftrobe/ 
tjougli te OBrfcfcs fcefiegefc $ii5 laff 
Ije Ji0 IDropiet |ope ftill/ Ijer tiing at 
on tljofe gentle meab0 to^ere nothing Jarmjo; 
puvpofc periQe^/ ijis paflion glotueb 
t^e colft mg^ttDormjes canble no? fcarce fyefoeb 
Jeart beat$ feilljf not quite nor Jletjtf c^armief* 

plain to reab eben f>p tljofe (l;abuto^ quaint 
rube cataffropJje $ab bimmeb |ii0 bap 
ilig^teb all Ji0 tljffr toitj ftern complaint 
JTo arnt35/ to arms/ tojjat more tje boice tooulb fap 
ilKKas ItoaUotoeb in ttje bailees anb gretu faint 
Qlpon tje tljin air a$ $e paffeb atoap. 

jnce peace came doton to me/ 3 toell fenoto tojence/ 
25 perfected and Ijappp fpirit/ ttoag fped : 
to$o did lead me to^itljer 3 tow W*/ 
JDraton 6p ftoa^t airjf and plaintibe innocence* 
loft to$en tfjou didff font departing $ence/ 
tm enrolled mpfelf among t$e dead 
left mp Jome of Jjomes iinbifited/ 

memorp for mp tooes defence. 

fe tfie dmr0 faff ffjut 6p g^ief and pride/ 
Reopened : fo feind peace returned in fpite 
2Df tji0 fad Jeart to^icj tj^ fo long denied : 
Jfor tjou mp lop/tDjateer/ or dap oj nigljt/ 
3 tjinfe oj do/ again art 6p mp fide/ 

lott and toon/ mp treafure and Iife0 delight 

S>to*rt fterp/ beat unabonteb bribe of toil/ 
tKftfjom in tjje but fe of nigljt meng fcobie* loto 
Hie to receibe/ anb tjp lobeb coming bnoto/ 
Clofing tlje cloubp gate on baps turmoil : 
C$ou t^ottg$ tije foft toapjs entereft to befpoil 
Elje reabp fpirit anb on toorn fle$ beffoto 
feucli comfort &$ t^oitg^ trembling fouljs toill floto 
TDffil^en CBobj; tDOKellbone bot$ all tjeir finjs affoil 

Cfjongfjt Icofetij at tljp touc$ $er troubleb 
^anb/ epe anb ear fail/ anb t$e toorlbis fair fljoto 
3|ji ftlotteb clean : oj tjen Qou mapft unfolb- 
15rig$tening tje Jourjs of fttre renetoal floto- 
jET^p carelef $ pageantries/ pictures untolb/ 
3|ops to|jiti> t^e tat&ing fun meltetf) lifee fnoto. 

S>ince not tjje enamoured fun toit glance more fond 
feiffes tjje foliage of J)te facred tm/ 
JTljan dotjj mp toafeing t$oug$t arife on tfifc/ 
Globing none near Qa/Ufte tj noj beyond : 
jliap fince 31 am ftoorn tjp flabe and in tfje bond 
3^ turit mp promife of eternity : 
Swtce to fucj Jigii liope t^ou ft encouraged me 
if tjjou toil but from me 3 def pond : 

>ince tjou rt mp all in all/ 2) tjinfe of 
JTijinfe of tje dedication of mp pout^ : 
IDfjinft of mp iopaltp/ mp fop/ mp blif$ : 
of mp forroto/ mp defpair and rutlj/ 

annihilation if 31 mifg : 
JCflinfeif t$ou fl^ouldff be falfe tjinfe of 


meagre rentes toljic!) a returning 
Sometimes oerratetj/ 3 as oft fcefpife : 
#n& linotomg t$em illnaturefo/ ffiff an& rube/ 
># tjjem as others toiQ contemptuous epes* 

j|5ap an& 3 toonfcer lefs at (Bobs refpect 
Jf or man/ a minim jot in time and Cpace/ 
JCiian at te f oaring fait$ of ^is elect/ 
C^at gift of gifts/ t$e comfort of ^is grace. 

3) toorb unfearc^able/ D ^eabenlp lobe/ 
iipoft infinitely tender/ fo to toucj 
2C|ie toorfe t^at toe can meanly recfeon of: 
g>urelp 3 fap toe are faboureb oiermuc^ 

H5ut of tljte toonfter/ to^at bot$ moff ama?e 
3s t^at toe ftnoto our lobe is tjelti for praife* 

IBeautp fat toit me all tfje fummer bap/ 
toaiting tlje fure tjiumpl) of Jet epe : 
j|ior marfceb 3 till toe parteb Jioto/ Ijarb fcp/ 
in |er train ftrnb reatip for Jii5 prep* 
i5 tta proub to join Jetfelf t|ie frap/ 
SDrufting to* muc|i to Jet bibine all?/ 
$e fato bictorp tarrp c^ib Jim 
tjou not at one ffrofce t|ii0 rebel flap 

generous 3Lobe tojo Jolbis mp eart in fce 
ITolb of our ancient truce : fo ftom tlje 
HKMe ffraigjt toit|ibreto our fojceg/ all t$e 
USaffleb 6ut not bi^earteneb fl^e torft flight/ 
g)c$eming neto tactics : JLobe came Jome toit| me 
prompts mp meafureb ierfeg as 3 torite* 

3|n autumn momligljt toljen tjje toite air toan 
30 flagrant in te toafee of fummer Ijence 
2Ci$ ftofft to fit entrance* anb mufe thereon 
Jn melanc^olp an* goblifee inbolence : 

TIKK^en tje prou* fpirit lulled bp mortal 
Co fon* pretence of immortality 

all moments f jom tlje iirtj of time/ 
tjingis tojateer Jabe ban oj pet $all fie. 

lifee t^e gar&en to^ere tlje pear is fpent/ 
ruin of ol& life iu full of pearning/ 
jingling poetic rapture of lament 
UKMitlj flotoeris f funtyine of fpjings fure returning 

Snip in toifion$ of f ijc to^ite air loan 
IBp go&IiUe fancp fei jcb anb btuelt upon. 

firft 3 fato tjiff/ beareff/ if 3 fap 
CJe fpelte tljat conjure fcacfc ti>e Jour anb place/ 
#nb eiermore 3 to^ P^ tjp face/ 

in tlje fpfing of pear^ long paffcD atuap : 
fabing of t$p fceautpg ricj arraj?/ 
betriment of age on tj)e 3 trace/ 
timejei befeat tDjitten in fpoilg of grace/ 
Eobbetj from tfje ribald t^ou bibft pitp anb 

tljp gjotot|i tarn/ t^uief tjjp faitjj i0 true/ 
Wnc^angeb in change/ ftitt to mp grotoing fenfe/ 
Co life$ befire tfje fame/ anb nothing netu : 
HBut as t$ou tDert in bjeam anb preCcience 
Sit lobe^ arifing/ noto tijou ftanbff to bteto 
3n tfje iroab neon of %\$ magnificence. 

Ctoas on tlje berp bap toittter tmfe leabe 
flDf tjofe fait fielbg 3 lobe/tojien to te ffeiejs 
jt&e flagrant (Fartfi tua0 fmiling in furprife 
Sit tljat |ier ^aben^befcenbeii quicli tepriebe/ 
31 toanberei fojtj mp forroto to reliebe/ 
^et toalfeeb amib ftpa^t pleafure in fuc$ toife 
^0 abam tuent alone in ^arabife/ 
before 05ob of !ig pit? faljioneb 

out of tune toit| all te jop arounb 
3 laib me botott 6eneat$ a flotpering tm 
j3nb oer mp fenfe0 crept a Itep pjofounb : 
3n tDjicJ it femeb t$at tou toert giben to me/ 
Kenbing mp 6obp tD$e;e toitj Imrrieb foiinb 
3 fa^l mp Ijeart 6eat tu$en 3 tjinfe of 

3lobe t$at 3 fenoto/ lobe 3 am ioife in/ lobe 
i$)j> ffrengtlj/ mp pribe/ mp grace/ mp ffeill untaught/ 
$ty faitjj $eje upon eart|i/ mp Ijape atobe/ 
P? contemplation anb perpetual t^ottg^t : 
Ue pleafure of mp fancp/ mp Jeartiei fire/ 
flP? jo?/ mp peace/ mp praife/ mp fiappp t^eme/ 
2D|ie aim of all mp fcoing/ mp befire 
fl)f feeing/ mg life 6p &ap/ 6? nigfit mp bream : 

3Loie/ mp ftoiet melanc$olp/ 
SP? pain/ mp boufet/ mp trouble/ mp Defpair/ 
onlp foHp anb n$appinef0/ 
in mp carelef^ momenta ftill mp care : 
SD lobe/fto^t lobe/ eartjlp lobe/ lobe bibine/ 
g>apff t^ott to^bap/ 9D lobe/ t^at tljou art mine ? 

ffjje bark anb ferioug angel toijo fo long 
flBejceb fjis immortal ffjengtij in charge of me 
Watt) fmileb for fop anb deb in libertp 
Co take l)i0 paffime toitfc tlje p*rrlef$ t^ong. 
SDft ^ab 3 bone ty$ noble krrping torong/ 

\i ^eart to toonber tD^at mig^t be 
purpofe in a foul of fuel) begra? : 
t^ere ije ^ab left me but fo; manbate ffrong, 

ffiut firing tljg tuit^ me note/ !jij3 tatfc at clofe 
^e bnotuetij/ anb toiieref ore $e toa$i bib to (tap 
3nb toorfe tonfufion of fo man? foes. 
Clje tfjanfes $e Imfe^j to ijabe f join me 31 
^et fear fome Jeabenlp enip ais $e goeis 
QHnto lufjat great retoarb 31 cannot fap. 

otljew lobe Kty left* 31 toill ftanb ttiie/ 
can it fce tljat 31 tyoulb eber leabe ffljfc : 
ljou fcnotoff mp Ijeart anb if it coulb beceibe 
3jt tuoU> not tojong %%w t$u0 a0 ot$ew bo* 
3 fpenb t^e ba? telling mp boto0 anetD/ 

|olb tnp courage reabp lett 31 gtiebe TCfyttl 
count mp tuorbs led chance offence bereabe K$K 
one pmr Qerp out of !)? flocU f o feto : 

3nb call on C$(e mp Jlorb/ mp >t jengtlj/ mp g>tap/ 
ITijat if 3( faint or fall C^ou toilt reffore me 
feeb me toitj fre$ comfort bap bp bap. 
t^ougj it fce Cftp terrors all paft oer me 
toill fear no ebil/ for 31 fap/ 

grace toill 6e fufffcient for me. 

31 foill 6e tofiat CBob mabe me/noj proteft 
#gainft tlje tent of genius in mp time : 
Cjjat fcience of mp f jienbs rots aH tje 6eff/ 
obe fteautp anb toa0 born to rljpme* 
our migjtp men an& let me btoett 
3|n ^aboto among t$e mig$tp tyafces of olb/ 
URMit$ lobes f orfafeett palace foj mp cell : 
Wtymtt 31 loJb fortf* anb all t|ie iuorlD befjoifc : 

fap/ C^efe ietter baps/ in 6eff things toorfe/ 
C^is baltarbp of times magnificence/ 
HKttitt menb in fa^ion anb t$}oto off t$e cnrfe/ 
2Do crotan neto lobe toitj Jigger e^ceUence^ 
CurCeb t$oug$ 31 to to libe mp life alone/ 
toil is foj mans fop/ ijis fop mp oton. 

31 libe on Jape an& t$at a tljinfe fco alt 

come into tjiis toorlb/ ant fince 3 fo 
in ftoim toitjj fut|i goto companp 
3 tafee mp comfort to^atfoeet iefaH* 
3 aiibe anfc a6ibe/ as if mote ffout anil tali 
P? fpirit toouifc gjoto 6p iuaiting lifee a tm : 
j^ttb clear of others toil it pleafetj me 
Jit breams tytit quiciv ambition to fo^eftali 

if tjjroiig!) carelefs eagernefsi a fli&e 
Jto fome accompli^ment/ 3 gibe mp ioice 
g)till to befire an& in befire afiibe* 
3 abe no ffafee afiroab : if 3 rejoice 
3n tojat is ftone oj boing/ a confifoe 
lieitjer to frienb noj foe mp fecret cjoice* 

ileffeb faints tfjat note in Jieaben enjop 

purcljafe of tjiofe tearg tjje toorlb$ bifbain/ 
SDotjj lobe ftill toitji Ji0 tear pour peace amtop/ 
SDr Jat$ 2?eatJ fra^b pou ftom Jiio; ancient pain ? 
^abe pe no fpjingtibe anfo no 6urft of fl^ap 
flotoerji ant> leaf? trarjei/ tu|ien f olemn nig|it 

lobe nwfic/ an& tje $olp bap 
on tje ear toitjj fongjsi of Jeabenlp liglit? 

TOffiftjat mafee pe f to^at ffribe for ? fearp pe tljougljt 
SDf ins/ or in neto excellence bibine 
310 olb forgot : or bo pe count fo; naught 
tKK^at tje (Brfcfc bib anb tD^at t|ie ^Florentine i 

Wit fefirp pour memories toell : SD in pour ftore 
3libe not our belt lops treafureb ebermore? 

eabenlp jop ! H5ut toljo att) eber liearb/ 
ljat$ ton fop/ oj tojjo tyall eber ftnfc 
language i CJere i0 neither tym^ noj toori : 
6ut itfelf to teac$ it to mankind 

in out ttoentp tjoufani) painful Jjap^ 
map touc$ fomet|iing : but tijere Ubej5 
6eft of art/ oj natures fein&ett p$afe 
Cije $ope to^ereof out rpirit i$ fain antj font) : 

caufe of 6eautp giben to ntan# 
in tjje e^fpectancp of ftartp 

glotoet$ in our fluting fire^/ 
aim of all t$e ejccellence toe prije : 

6ut to lobe/ purfue an& prap foj toell 
eart^ Jeaben/ anfc to forget it/ Jell, 

foearieb Ijeart/toljeneber/ after afl/ 
3t* lobes anb pearningg tyall Be tolb complete/ 
UKKIjen gentle beatjj tyall Bib it teafe to Beat/ 
nb fjom all bear illufion0 bif enthrall : 
l^otoeber tjen t^ou $alt appear to call 
$$$ fearful Jeart/ fince boton at ot^eris 
3|t Babe me fentel fo oft/ 3 II not retreat 
Jf jom tjfc nor fear Before tjjp fart to fatt* 

3 fljall fap/ Heceibe t$i0 loiing Jeart 
erreb in forroto onlp : anb in fin 
itmfe no belig^t : But Being fojceb apart 
,|from ty&l tuitjout ty& Joping tyie to tain/ 
gpoff pri^eb tajat moft tijou mabeff a0 tfjou art 
SDn eart$/ tiH $eaien toere open to enter in, 

SDrearp bag fointer/foet toitfj changeful ffing 
fl)f clinging fnotofaH anb falkffping froff : 
nb iitterer nortpwtbg Qen iDit$$eIii tje fpjing 
baHieb toit$ Jer promife titt ttoas lott 
fwnlefs anb |al&JearteJj fiimntet irotoneb 
flotoer0 in n^tiful anb untoeicomefc rain : 
Slrib jautumn foitij a fab fmile fleb unerotoneb 
fjuitlefis tirtjarbg anb imripeneb grain. 

H5ut coulb t$e flues of tjig ntoff befolate pear 
3|n iti5 laff mont$ learn iuittj out lobe to gloiu/ 
spen pet $ottlb ranfe it$ tloublef^i atmofp^ere 
j^fiobe t$e funfetg of ffbe pears ago : 

>f mp great praife tco part $oulb ie its oton/ 
recfeoneb p^erlefs for tjp lotie alone, 

jSltoap note/ lobelp puf e/ roam and be fr# : 
fiDur commerce enbg foj ape/ tjjp tatfe ig Done : 
Cijougl) to tuin tljrc 31 left all elfe unto on/ 
ITijou foljom 31 moff $abe iuon art not fo^ me* 
firff befire/ t$oii tco forgone mutt 6e/ 

tea D miicj lamented notu ttjougj none 
UKKill turn to pitp tljp forfafeen fon/ 
jSojt ti^p tubine filters tuill tutrp for 

J^one tuill tDfirp f o j ttj*e : tjou return/ spufe/ 

tjp Sicilian fields : 31 once $abe born 
ffln t|ip lobeD !jilli(5/ anb tuyere tljou ftrff Ditift ttfe 
JCjjp fto^tlp ialancei r|ipme/ untjanfeful quam/ 
^abe plucfeeli ani> toreat^ei tjip flotoeris : 6ut bo tjjou 

^ome iiappier brolu to toear t$p garlanb^ 

(Eternal $*tytt tojo ftiftft all create/ 
3n tetjotn toe libe anil to to^ofe bofom mobe/ 
2To all men be C&? name fcnoton toj)ic!> is 3Lot>e/ 
iH itis lottD praife$ fount at $eaben0 $ig$ gate. 
Perfect ;CJjp feingbom in our pafling ffate/ 
JDJat Jere on eartfi JDjjou maptt aji toell approbe 
SDur Cerbice a^ 2D|ou otaneff t$eir0 

toe ecljo anb in pain atuait 

(Brant bo&j? anil foul eac$ &ap tjeir bailp breaJ) : 

Ojoulb in fpite of grace f}e$ tooe begin/ 
(Fben a$ our anger fcon 10 paff anb beab 
3B5e ID Jp remembrance mortal of our fin : 
15? 3Tlj& in pat$$ of peace #p $(rp be left/ 
in t^e bale of terror comforteft* 


SONNET $6 The argument is partly from Michael Angela : Madri- 
gal xix. 
SONNET 37 From Boccaccio. 

SONNET 73 Partly from the anonymous Sonnet No. 3793 in the JJhro 
Re ale cc 10 vivo dt Jfceranza. " 

SONNET 74 The frft four lines translated from Michael Angela's 
Madrigal "Beati voi."